Planning our bike trip on the Katy Trail

The idea for our Katy Trail trip began when we traveled to St. Louis for a wedding in September 2013. We spent a day visiting wineries near Defiance and Augusta and spent the night in a bed and breakfast in Augusta. We saw the Katy Trail in a few spots and visited the trailheads in Augusta and Weldon Springs. We had never visited that part of Missouri before and it was beautiful. We picked up a Katy Trail map along the way and with the help of the map I wrote out a tentative itinerary on a barf bag on our flight home.

Over the course of the next few months we researched ideas for our trip. The website was quite helpful. We purchased the most recent edition of the Katy Trial Guidebook by Brett Durfur and got good ideas there too.

We invite you to read our journal, starting with our trip from Phoenix to St. Louis to Sedalia.

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One thought on “Planning our bike trip on the Katy Trail

  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you all had a wonderful ride. Adding this to the bucket list for my wife and I as well. 🙂

    I’ve recently begun a bit of ‘adventure biking’ myself (Ride 1, Phx->Grand Canyon). In exploring this niche I happened upon another blog/journal that you may enjoy. It logs the trip of a young gal currently riding from Germany to her home in Taiwan–8 months, nearly 9k miles.

    Her English is rather broken, but as far as I can tell she simply made a plan, searched out support and sponsorship, booked some Couch Surfing dates, and started pedaling. She didn’t even own her own bike until a couple of weeks before she left! Rather, she had to train on a borrowed folding bike. Crazy! Specialized donated an AWOL model to her cause.

    Anyway, I thought you all may enjoy reading some of her travel logs too. The link below includes a sponsorship request and a Google Map of her route. Plenty of other interesting entries throughout.

    Happy Biking!

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